Potpourri & Wholesale FAQs
Have questions about your potpourri order or getting into the potpourri resale market?  Look here for the most frequently asked questions about potpourri and wholesale pricing. Don’t see your question answered here?  Contact Us!

What is potpourri?

Other than asking how to spell potpourri, this might be the next question that is often asked so frequently.  The definition of potpourri is ‘a collection of various things’. Rachel’s Potpourri creates and cures a variety of natural dried flowers, herbs, botanicals, and spices, and then uses oils to scent the potpourri in many different fragrances.

How can I use potpourri?

Potpourri is used to scent a room or a decoration and decor item. You can place it it in bowls, jars, around candles or any container that will hold it.

Should I take potpourri out of the bag?

Though potpourri can be kept in a bag, it is best to enjoy the beautiful variety of colors and scents by placing it in a container that best displays it.

Can I boil potpourri?

Potpourri can be boiled, but it will ruin the look and will more than likely not give off the scents that you are looking for as the water will release the natural scent of some of the botanicals and flowers most likely changing the scent all together. Rachel’s Potpourri does have a simmering mix that we created for this purpose. Look for ‘Grungy Simmering Mix’ in our rosehips category.

How should I store potpourri?

Your potpourri from Rachel’s Potpourri will come bagged in extra thick bags. If you are going to be storing the potpourri or rosehips, (longer than a week) we recommend that you do not keep different scents together. Storing the potpourri in a cool dark place will ensure a longer lasting storage without affecting the scents.

How long does potpourri last?

Rachels Potpourri scents are very strong, and it is easy for the scents to mingle. It would be in your best interest to keep the different scents of potpourri separated, in cool dark places. The scents do and will last a long time in the potpourri. If you are familiar with rosehips, you understand that it is not as possible to hold the scent on these as long.

Can you refresh potpourri?

Potpourri can be refreshed with oils. We offer refresher oils to use on all of our blends that are easy to use, keep your potpourri lasting for a long time, and the oils can also be used in diffusers, and tart melters.

Does potpourri attract bugs?

Potpourri does not attract bugs. We do not recommend letting your potpourri and rosehips get wet or be in a very warm humid area.

Is potpourri toxic or harmful to cats or dogs?

Potpourri is natural fowers, herbs and spices. Though it is not recommended for animal consumption, the oils in the potpourri and rosehips tend to detour animals from attempting to eat.

How does the wholesale market and pricing work?

Pricing the wholesale potpourri and rosehips is a personal choice for your business and/or craft show. Baseline is for every two cup portion of wholesale potpourri, resell price is recommended at $4.95. Some markets allow for this price to be even higher. Rosehips can be sold in one or two cup portions from approximately $3.95 a cup to $6.95 for two cups, again depending on your market.

Is the wholesale potpourri market worth getting into?

Reselling potpourri and rosehips from Rachel’s Potpourri can be a very profitable business! With no minimum order required, it is easy and affordable to see if you are in a positive selling area for the product. If you are purchasing Rachel’s Potpourri products for craft show resale as opposed to business use and/or personal home use, you have to evaluate your market as you would any other typical market with regard to competition, profit margins, storage space, and the time and effort you can put into starting and maintaining your own business. 

If you are doing a craft or gift show, we recommend selling potpourri and rosehips already bagged. This alleviates customers standing around in your booth. Bagging the potpourri, tied with homespun, jute, etc. and putting the bags in tins or baskets is a very attractive technique! Be sure to leave samples of the products out so that customers can smell and see the product. Setting out jars, baskets, tubs and tins in your store is a great way to not only make your entire store smell great, it also makes a great display.

No matter how you sell, you attract attention from the incredible scents!

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