Black and White Chunky Unscented Potpourri


Sometimes you just need that minimalist, modern vibe and our Black and White Chunky Unscented Potpourri is here for it! This blend features many different botanicals and pods in shades of black, white, and neutrals that instantly transform your room, giving it a timeless look and feel.  Add it as a subtle touch to offset your minimalist decor or artwork.  Use it to add that unique feature to your gift or jewelry boxes.  It’s really quite striking and brings an entire mood to whatever it touches.

Want to add an accent color to bring out your room decor?  Add a dash of our Purple Chunky Unscented Potpourri or Blue Chunky Unscented Potpourri along with earth tones such as Yellow Chunky Unscented Potpourri to add some warmth to a blend or room. There’s a reason interior designers return to classic black-and-white design ideas.  This combination never goes out of style and is so flexible it can appear modern or classic depending on your use.

Unscented potpourri can be used to decorate or add your own favorite potpourri oil scent to it and make it your own. Our chunky blends come packaged in one-gallon bags, approximately 16 cups.

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