Blue Chunky Unscented Potpourri


There’s just something about the color blue that brings peaceful feelings of tranquility and trust and our Blue Chunky Unscented Potpourri blend captures that perfectly! It contains hues of sky and dark blue botanicals and pods with offsetting cream and beige accents bringing to mind cool waves and sandy beaches. It looks great in a glass bowl or jar as a room décor item whether you are decorating a Cape Cod cottage or a Myrtle Beach condo.

Try mixing it with The Blues Unscented Potpourri, or even our Purple Chunky Unscented Potpourri if you really want to get creative!  You are only limited by your own imagination.  Feeling a bit more “color” reserved?  Then you really need to check out our modern Black and White Chunky Unscented blend.  Our chunky blends come packaged in one-gallon bags, approximately 16 cups.

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