Natural Chunky Unscented Potpourri


Our Natural Chunky Unscented Potpourri blend features big, beautiful, brown and cream botanicals and pods and other complimenting colors for people who want a woodsy or outdoorsy appearing unscented look and feel. This is an outstanding blend for mixing wood tones and texture in home decorating and decor! Want additional splashes of color? Throw in some Honeysuckle Potpourri or perhaps even a touch of Cucumber Melon Potpourri! It also pairs very well with our Yellow Chunky Unscented Potpourri if you want to add your own scent.

Our chunky blends make great centerpiece items for any kind of event; think engagement party, baby shower, reception dinner, or even the wedding itself. They are bold and will not be overlooked! Unscented potpourri can be used to decorate or add your own favorite potpourri oil scent to it and make it your own. Our chunky blends come packaged in one-gallon bags, approximately 16 cups.

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