Orange Chunky Unscented Potpourri


When people think of the color orange, they most naturally think of blustery Fall days, a chill in the air, and Halloween just around the corner. So our Orange Chunky Unscented Potpourri just so fits with Autumn Spice Potpourri or even our Candy Corn Rosehips and Harvest Thyme Rosehips.

But we’re here to tell you there are some absolutely beautiful and stunning color combinations for everyday decorating with orange too! Go bold by pairing it with Blue Chunky Unscented Potpourri for a striking combination. Or, go more understated by mixing and matching with our Natural Chunky Unscented Potpourri. Orange is a versatile color and not just for Fall! Our chunky blends come packaged in one-gallon bags, approximately 16 cups.

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